nida-olcar-ozgecmissNida Olçar 1981 Kütahya Born. The apprentices given to them to learn the mysteries, unfamiliar skills and ability of the old artists were believed to have gotten hands from the masters when they soon matured and became good artists. In other words, the master left his inheritance in a sense to his predecessor, his skill and ability. In his art workshop he inherited from the late Sıtkı Usta [Olçar] he designs china in the modern lines of traditional handicrafts. Sıtkı pays a debt to his father who has immortalized the tiles of the Master and has been awarded the prize of the Living Human Treasure by the UNESCO for the art of traditional tiles. The new products from the Sıtkı Workshop are signed by the collectors as ‘Sıtkı II’. Forms and applications that have not been applied to Çini until now are having a hard time. Çiþmen, Çeşkülü ü Fukara Kapları, Tile and Ceramic The first example of the Mosaic technique applied in the world is the main example of these.

Serdar DOĞAN
CO - Founder

Sıtkı Markası’nın Dijital yüzüne eşlik eden nihai kişi.